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Stat Zero is a global movement to use emerging tech, venture capital, and social innovation methods to accelerate the world towards zero poverty, zero-disease, and zero-pollution.  

Stat Zero Ventures invents, builds, and invests in tech-enabled social enterprises with the world's most influential tech investors, celebrities, family offices, and government officials.  

As a winner of the World Finance Magazine's Most Sustainable Investment Company, Stat Zero Ventures is a world leader in ESG investing strategy. It's team of Global Partners has invested in sectors, such as healthtech, proptech, fintech, and govtech, supporting public sector legacy transformation.  We have shared our industry expertise in China, Switzerland, Canada, and Mexico to advise government officials on how ESG investing best practices can rebuild local economies.  

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Invest with Stat Zero Ventures


We scale tech-enabled impact ventures!

Our clients include Fortune 100s, celebrity family offices, government agencies, and famous retail impact investors seeking  to provide global community, capital, and consulting to bold entrepreneurs tackling grand challenges. 

Learn how to invest

for purpose

Stat Zero Ventures's team of Global Partners has invested in tech-enabled social enterprise companies supporting public sector digital transformation. 

Join Our Impact Investor Network

Stat Zero Ventures's Investor Network includes many professional athletes and celebrities seeking to fund and grow social equity startups focused on real-estate, tech, and local impact. 


We host a lunch and learn weekly.


Get a Managed Impact Portfolio

Stat Zero Ventures provides access to service providers and global resources through our private marketplace. 


Stat Zero trains women and minority emerging fund managers

Stat Zero Ventures developed a first-of-its-kind for impact investors to learn how to invest in scalable impact ventures.  One of Stat Zero's goals is zero-illiteracy, specifically with a focus on financial literacy, which is why we trained 25+ emerging managers on impact investing in tech-enabled social enterprises using emerging technologies and social innovation methods to move the world towards zero.  If you're seeking to learn how to profit for a purpose, sign up for Stat Zero's Impact Investor Course. 

Stat Zero global investor network accelerates Moving Analytics 

Stat Zero Ventures Global Fellows from Goldman Sachs, Backstage Capital, NSF, and more prestigious companies and universities sorted through ~120+ companies and wrote 5 memos, and then our global partners selected Moving Analytics, which is focused on providing a digital platform for cardiac rehab patients.  OCA Ventures, Harlem Capital, and Stanford Finance is a co-investors.  We worked on a digital maturity model all whole proving media and celebrity access.  For example, Moving Analytics CEO  was set up to pitch NFL Legend Ron Brown and his healthcare investment team. 


Stat Zero funds tech startup in Asia driving digital transformation

Stat Zero Ventures funded Bridge360, an IT solutions firm in the Philippines building a healthtech, fintech, and wastetech using new cloud solutions.  Bridge360 aims to employ disruptive and innovative ideas and technology to promote the inter-relationship of mining with other industries in the Philippines.  We provided access to capital, provided access to global business, and supported Bridge360 in developing a managed service provider strategy.  Moreover, we connected Silicon Valley investors interested in the APAC region to mentor Bridge360 on human capital strategy. 

Stat Zero teaches impact investing in China

Stat Zero Ventures was invited to support UNLEASHED and to teach Shenzen, China.  Famous Bengali Entrepreneur Mohammad Yunus was the featured speaker, but importantly, we coached and judged from of the best impact ventures from around the world.  Moreover, we were invited to the World Artificial Intelligence Congress in China to view new emerging tech capabilities. 

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