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Stat Zero is a global movement to use emerging tech, venture capital, and social innovation methods to accelerate the world towards zero poverty, zero-disease, and zero-pollution.  

Stat Zero Ventures is a global management consulting firm that invents, builds, and invests in tech-enabled social enterprises with the world's most influential tech investors, celebrities, family offices, and government officials.  

As a winner of the World Finance Magazine's Most Sustainable Investment Company, Stat Zero Ventures is a world leader in ESG investing strategy. It's team of Global Partners has invested in sectors, such as healthtech, proptech, fintech, and govtech, supporting public sector legacy transformation.  We have shared our industry expertise in China, Switzerland, Canada, and Mexico to advise government officials on how ESG investing best practices can rebuild local economies.  

Stat Zero Ventures is also formal partners with Los Angeles Mayor’s Initiative PledgeLA, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, New York City’s The Grid, World Business Angels, Women in VC, Sandhill and Harvard Business School Angels of California.


Work with Stat Zero Ventures

The government of the future is zero

Our clients include Fortune 100s, celebrity family offices, government agencies, and famous retail impact investors seeking  to provide global community, capital, and consulting to bold entrepreneurs tackling grand challenges. 

Learn how to invest in  public sector innovation

Stat Zero Ventures executives are global experts in public sector modernization.  We use our portfolio to build new offerings, new markets, and new impact solutions for global public sector CIOs. 

Stat Zero Ventures Catalogue

Stat Zero Ventures's team of Global Partners has invested in tech-enabled social enterprise companies supporting public sector digital transformation in APAC, EMEA, and Africa. If you have a validated government email, we will send you our catalogue.   


Get Managed Global Services

Stat Zero Ventures created exclusive managed portfolio solutions for impact investors with varying risks profiles.


Stat Zero hosts worlds 1st Tech Ambassador with UC Berkeley

Stat Zero Ventures hosted Denmark's Deputy Tech Ambassador and UC Berkeley City Councillor Ben Bartlett to discuss blockchain, digital governance, global natural disaster recovery, and more.  We learned about the electric charge vehicles in California

African government uses portfolio advances finance access

Stat Zero Ventures hosted FinFind, an RPA startup focused on providing access to finance in South Africa, and its investor Kingson Capital in the Silicon Valley.  We introduced the impact venture  white-labeling an African  governments small business agency access to finance portal to world's 1st Tech Ambassador, and Stat Zero Ventures consulted the government to further use the RPA product for various government use cases, like agile procurements.  The African government asked to help grow the fintech startup to increase access to finance to the informal economies.


Stat Zero global investor network accelerates U.S. public healthcare

Stat Zero Ventures Global Fellows from Goldman Sachs, Backstage Capital, NSF, and more prestigious companies and universities sorted through ~120+ companies and wrote 5 memos, and then our global partners selected Moving Analytics, which is focused on providing a digital platform for cardiac rehab patients.  OCA Ventures, Harlem Capital, and Stanford Finance is a co-investors.  We worked on a digital maturity model all whole proving media and celebrity access.  For example, Moving Analytics CEO  was set up to pitch NFL Legend Ron Brown and his healthcare investment team. 

Stanford Healthcare Doctors select Project Moses for Stat Zero Global COVID-19 Challenge

Stat Zero Ventures contracted UpskillVR to develop market analysis and use cases in the AR/VR industry.  We connected the company to legal marketplaces, like Priori Legal, where the executive team was able to secure legal supports.  Stat Zero Ventures also connected Silicon Valley mentors, like 1st female iPhone game developer who has created multiple VR/AR games and design methodologies to share her expertise with the USA based startup. 


Stat Zero funds tech startup in Asia creating new digital jobs

Stat Zero Ventures funded Bridge360, an IT solutions firm in the Philippines building a healthtech, fintech, and wastetech using new cloud solutions.  Bridge360 aims to employ disruptive and innovative ideas and technology to promote the inter-relationship of mining with other industries in the Philippines.  We provided access to capital, provided access to global business, and supported Bridge360 in developing a managed service provider strategy.  Moreover, we connected Silicon Valley investors interested in the APAC region to mentor Bridge360 on human capital strategy. 

Stat Zero sits for signing of Global Carbon Cities

Stat Zero Ventures was invited to sign the global carbon cities agreement with the Mayor of Sacramento, ACT Minister of Australia, Mexico Secretary of State, and Lord Mayor of Denmark. 


With support from Bootup World, Netflix, Revolve, and Los Angeles Prececelerator, Stat Zero Ventures hosted the Oman Minister of Economy of CEO of the Oman Technology Fund.  We  provided global market to U.S. companies led by minorities, and we developed a strategy to improve public sector digital transformation in Oman. 

Stat Zero Hosts Oman Ministry of Economy

Stat Zero puts Mexico on map for green economy

Stat Zero Ventures partnered with Mexican Government to launch a sustainable sheltertech, proptech company. Stat Zero Ventures worked with the local Mexican government to identify a now portfolio company that recycles plastics to create new circular economy solutions.  The impact ventures develops products with recycled plastic that can be used everyday.  For example, the startup can create pet houses, wall gardens, desks, benches, and portfolio solutions. 

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