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Stat Zero Ventures invents, builds, and invests in tech-enabled social enterprises with the world's most influential tech investors, celebrities, family offices, and government officials. 

We are a team of proven researchers and developers, seasoned operators and venture capitalist that collaborate with citizen innovators to move the world toward zero inequality. 

Founded in 2019 by former IBM, Wayfair, CERN, Github, Headspace, Harvard, and Obama White House Alum, Stat Zero is backed by some of the top global family offices.


Managing Partner

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Marquis Cabrera

Expertise: Government Healthcare, Social Enterprise, Design Thinking, Digital Transformation 

Marquis Cabrera is the Manager Partner of Stat Zero Ventures.  He wanted to "Be The Impact" and build the needed smart (tech-enabled) government solutions, services, and infrastructure to scale. Marquis founded Stat Zero Ventures and enable impact investors to scale early-stage GovTech solutions moving the world towards zero-poverty, zero-disease, and zero-pollution.  


Prior to Stat Zero Ventures, Marquis worked at IBM, where he developed A.I., Blockchain, Cloud, and IoT solutions for public sector agencies in the U.S., Denmark, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Singapore, and China.  Before IBM, Marquis was a junior administration official for the Obama White House Chief of Staff’s Office.  He was also a legal assistant for Massachusetts Super Lawyer Krista Larsen and Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, where he supported the implementation of Forecourt Paragon, a new digital legal case management system. 


Early in his career, Marquis worked with HGTV celebs, like Justin Cave, at Wayfair to build new digital consumer categories and pilot new customer service workforce programs; he championed the startup jobs act to enable crowd-investing with Wefunder all the while vetting 1000s of startups; and developed new product features for U.S. states to adhere to Sex Trafficking Laws with Annie E. Casey Foundation’s tech-startup Case Commons.  Marquis started coding at 11 years old, and he developed a security system to scan student and guest IDs that was adopted by the Enlarged School District of Middletown at 16 years old.  

Marquis loves salsa, country music, world wonder-chasing, snowboarding, and hikes with views. 



Operating Partner

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Expertise: Accounting, Finance, Sustainability 

Damian Felchlin

Damian Felchlin is the Operating Partner of Stat Zero Ventures, which is Stat Zero’s early-stage LP/GP that invents, builds and invests in tech-enabled GovTech startups with the world's most influential impact investors and innovative public officials.

Prior to Stat Zero Ventures, Damian was a Trade Commissioner for the Consulate General of Switzerland based in San Francisco. He advised Swiss companies entering the U.S. market by helping them determine their pricing, sales channel, branding, and supply chain strategies. He also served as the subject matter expert for food and beverages for the official Swiss export promotion agency, Switzerland Global Enterprise, which has over 20 hubs worldwide.


Before joining the Swiss government, Damian was a product manager responsible for over 15 million USD in sales annually at the largest private U.S. food importer. He was responsible for sourcing specialty food items from all over the world and worked closely with international suppliers to optimize the supply chain and push sales in the foodservice and retail channels.


In his free time he loves helping social-impact startups grow and enter new markets. His most recent projects include advising startups in the following industries: point-of-sale feedback solutions, plant-based food alternatives, mass market greenhouse solutions, healthy organic snack products and fair trade organic clothing.


Founding Partner

JoHannah Harrington, JD, MPH

Expertise: Legal corporations, Corporate Governance, Public Health, Regulatory Affairs, Contracts

JoHannah Harrington is part of Stat Zero's founding team.  She developed the foundation of Stat Zero’s smart contract business and special economic zones.  Ms. Harrington developed the foundation of Stat Zero’s smart contract business and set up new relationships with special economic zones.  Moreover, she led our 2020 COVID-19 challenge, which selected Project Moses, a COVID-19 multi-stakeholder tracker that could move the world towards zero-disease.  Moreover, Ms. Harrington set up Stat Zero’s Community of Global Service Providers all the while managing the legal set-up of Stat Zero Ventures.  She also worked to set up organizational structure and governance models of Stat Zero Corporation to enable direct investment of 1.6M. 

She assisted with the publication The National Blueprint: Achieving Quality Malnutrition Care for Older Adults. When she is not working Mrs. Harrington enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and being physically active. One of her greatest accomplishments was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro-ask her about it! 

JoHannah Harrington earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and her Juris Doctorate (JD) from Marquette University. She also earned a Master’s in Public Health from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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Founding Partner 

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Jessica Salinas, MSSE

Expertise: DE&I, Social Entrepreneurship, Startup Accelerators, Human Centered Design

Jessica is a Founding Partner of Stat Zero Ventures, a global investment fund working towards achieving zero. There, she co-leads investments in emerging technologies, impactful social enterprises, and underrepresented founders


She manages Stat Zero Venture’s Fortune 100 contracts and produces our ‘Leading to Zero’ podcast series.  During her tenure as a partner with Stat Zero Venture’s Jessica Salinas managed a global media team in India and spearheaded new product development of Stat Zero Venture’s Celebrity Pitch platform and Stat Zero’s Digital Impact Investor Course. Moreover, she helped to develop Stat Zero Venture’s proprietary impact methodology that accelerates our U.N. SDGs.  Jessica also managed to set up our LatAm and Canadian focused funds all the while developing our impact investing methodology using case studies from UBS, London Business School. She has championed local digital transformation in Los Angeles via writing proposals to the City of Santa Monica.  Jessica has been featured in Forbes, VoyageLA, and on famous rapper Common’s blog. She has represented Stat Zero Ventures in teaching impact investing in Canada, China, and Switzerland.  She has won Los Angeles Lakers and Comerica Bank’s Women of Promise Award.

Prior to Stat Zero Ventures, she founded the Social Impact team at Headspace, and as Social Impact Lead, she developed the strategy to make mindfulness affordable, accessible and relevant by integrating meditation in K-12 institutions, nonprofits and global organizations serving marginalized communities in a sustainable, scalable manner. Before Headspace, Jessica was at the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, which gave Latinx entrepreneurs education, mentorship and access to capital resources to grow their ventures. Additionally, Jessica serves on the Board of Words Uncaged, which provides programming for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals in LA.

Jessica received her BA in Communication from Stanford and her MS in Social Entrepreneurship at USC Marshall School of Business.

Technical Partner

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Eddie Vaisman

Expertise: Data Science, AI/ RPA Product Development, and GIS 

Eddie is a CoFounder and Chief Technical Advisor of Stat Zero, which helps enables governments to build startup ecosystems.  He's currently the COO of ChalkTalk, an ed-tech startup.  Formerly, Eddie was the Head of Customer Success and Sales at Canotic, an AI-as-a-service company that uses humans and AI to annotate data.


Prior to Canotic, Vaisman was the first employee at TrueMotion, a Harvard innovation lab startup. There, Vaisman developed signal processing and machine learning algorithms to make drivers safer as a data scientist and first hire. He then switched to product and created a product line that detected car crashes which led to winning three $1M contracts with top 10 insurers within 24 months. 


Previous to TrueMotion, Vaisman worked on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and in the Defense sector for Science Research Laboratory.  He also worked for Charles Stark Draper Laboratory on grants funded by the NSF, NASA, and DARPA in projects including high power photonics, satellite surveillance, and panic and disease spread. Vaisman has a degree in physics and electrical engineering from Northeastern University.

Despite being busy with all of the above, Eddie still finds time for his love of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Eddie has in fact been involved with martial arts since age 16, is a certified Krav Maga instructor (Israeli self-defense), and has competed in Judo. He’s also a big fan of dancing (to latin music as well as EDM), tea, and being in nature.


Join us as we work to achieve zeros.


We believe that the only way to achieve impact is to be bullish about it. 


We believe in creating both social and financial equity, worldwide. 


We believe ecosystem support is the best way to tackle grand challenges. 


We believe dreams become accomplished goals when shaped. 


We believe success is the result of a designing a fun, challenging life plan. 


We aim to get the job done for clients, team, and beneficiaries. 


We believe impact best practices can be replicated worldwide. 


We believe that using guiding principles empower teams to increase productivity.


We believe speed is the new currency for governments of the future. 

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